Welcome to Massive Multiplayer Online Spacecraft Operations!

You can take part in checking @Flying_Laptops memory for Memory Inconsistencies Nursed by Energetic Signals (MINES). Flying Laptop's memory is divided into 64 blocks of memory. Some math and a lot of guessing showed that in each block there can only be one MINES maximum. Also, scientists tell us that there should always be 10 MINES in total in the memory. Checking is performed by sweeping through the available memory one by one. As MINES also affect neighbouring blocks of memory, by reading a cell we can tell how many of the neighbouring blocks contain a MINE. With this information we can try to find out which blocks are affected by MINES. But, we need to make very sure not to read from a block that is affected by a MINES, as it will crash the On-Board Calculator (OBC).

Which block will be checked is determined by voting. The block with the most votes will be checked during the next pass during which telecommands are sent to Flying Laptop. Telecommands are sent to Flying Laptop on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the morning. Voting will open at around 10:00 UTC and close at 23:00 UTC the night before. Every participant has one vote per day.

The number blocks that will be checked depends on how many blocks have already been checked: If 0-2 blocks are known, only one additional block will be checked. from 3-5 known blocks, the number of blocks checked each day will increase to 5 so that the operation will be a bit quicker.